Building Owners

The opportunity for building owners and real estate investors to become part of the accommodations industry has never been more convenient and attractive. We are welcoming all forward-thinking individuals and companies who are ready to embrace the future. With the rising popularity of professionally-managed homestyle accommodation, there is no better time to change how we view accommodations. ShareMyCasa is the answer to this growing demand from the travel market. We can help you transform your buildings into a revenue-generating investment capable of offering a complete hotel management service that meets the preference of today’s travelers.

Space Optimization

Setting up and designing the space available in your building for short-term rental business is a critical phase that will determine your potential income earned from this investment. There’s a certain touch of expertise needed to ensure your success in this industry, and we’re willing to provide you with all the help that you’ll be needing to earn more profit.

An overall plan for your property is where we’ll start since we need to design your property to strategically meet current demands in the market. Next, we’ll furnish your rooms to make them more appealing to whichever audience you wish to capture. Every available space in your building is utilized to its fullest capacity to add value to the aesthetics and layout of your property. Clients trust us because we know how to mix and match designs that will enhance guests’ satisfaction.

Revenue Maximization

We maximize your potential income by using data-driven systems for optimization of prices based on a series of relevant information about the current rental service market. We attempt to foresee trends and opportunities that will bring additional income to your property such as peak seasons and price surges. Trends and competitor rates are among the many factors that our experts analyze and look into when adjusting your offered prices.

We’re also able to manage your listing for any booking platform through our listing management systems. Our team of experts are responsible for updating prices daily using our data-driven methods to allow your property to get the best rates possible for any booking platform it’s listed in. Clients are impressed at how we respond to any opportunities to gain additional revenue, and they’re satisfied because we continue to bring in great results.

Full Stack Service

We offer our clients the option to entrust daily operations and management to our experienced team. We can handle every aspect of your property’s rental from check-in / check-out to restocking supplies and cleaning rooms used by guests. Our offered service is a complete package that allows you to sit back and relax while your property earns the profit for you.

Guests are also assured of a high quality of service that will make their stay in your property totally worthwhile. We’ve mastered how to manage and execute the necessary steps for rental spaces to accommodate even large demands during peak seasons. To also ensure our continued partnership, we offer complete financial transparency for all expenditures and revenue so that you know how much you’re expected to get each month.

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