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Our Full Service Manager offering has been established to give you all the advantages of short term rentals without having to manage the hassle of day-to-day operations, including organizing cleanings, bookings, and everything else in between. We commence our management with an initial consultation, where we will provide advice on how to best utilise your space to seek the responses, even during low booking times. Once you obtain your first booking, the ShareMyCasa Guest Experience Team will get right to work handling communications, ensuring flawless check in / out and being there in case your guests need anything. Our cleaners will ensure a spotless home is ready before your guests arrive, with maintenance on the ground to confirm all the details are in order. ShareMyCasa brings the service quality of a five star hotel right at home.

What’s Included

Initial In-Person Consultation

The first step in joining the ShareMyCasa team is to undergo an in-person orientation and consultation so that we could guide you on what services we can offer. We’ll also discuss your business plan and other important details such as your guest preference and target market.

Apart from guiding you on how to redesign your available spaces, we’ll also answer questions that you may have regarding what you’ll need to officially start your rental service.

Listing Development

Both creativity and precision are required to ensure the success of your listed property. A listing strategy is what we’ll help you come up with so that we could start marketing your property on different booking platforms. All the details we’ll be posting come from the information you’ve presented during consultations.

Building an attractive value proposition is also part of developing your listing. We’ll help you create the right impression that would attract your target market from different booking platforms. We’ve been analyzing listing patterns for years to be able to optimize our approach in marketing your property and helping you earn more profit.

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Listing Management

Managing your listing is another service that we offer to clients. Our years of experience in optimizing results to give your listing an advantageous ranking on major booking platforms can help you earn success faster.

We have dedicated members who are capable of updating your listing and your price rate on a daily basis. They’re also the ones responsible for helping you rank higher on rental platforms and earn more reservations through detailed optimizations they make to your listing.

Price Optimization

We’re always ready to provide a dynamic pricing strategy that is created with the help of our data-driven solutions. Different factors in the market such as increasing demand or upcoming events are all taken into consideration before we come up with an optimized price for your listing that we update daily.

With the help of our experienced pricing analysts, we can help you get the highest rates possible and bring you additional profit whenever possible. Our data-driven approach has exceeded expectations and it continues to be one of the critical factors to our success in optimizing prices for better rates.

Guest Screening

We always try to bridge the gap between your preference and the guests that book your property. Branding your property to appeal to a certain market can result in a higher quality of guests and increased likelihood of getting more bookings.

Our priority is always to make sure that guests are treating your property with respect, which is why we make it a point to screen guests. We have a dedicated team for screening guests to ensure that not only does your property meets their demands but also that guests know your house rules they need to follow.

Regulation Compliance

Short Term Rental regulations are becoming stricter and stricter in cities worldwide.  Our team with over 8 years of experience has been on top of changing by laws, zonings, and regulations always making sure to stay on top of any changes. We make sure your property is compliant by the city, state/province, as well as tourism ministries.

We ensure a successful study on your local by laws, outline a step by step process, implement, apply for all legal certifications so we can have your property ready for a successful short term rental experience.

Personalized Updates

We have found that transparency is one of the main reasons why many of our clients trust and recommend us to their family and friends. We make it a point to always give an update of what’s going on with your property and what we’re specifically doing to improve our performance and sales.

Providing monthly updates on your property’s performance and our future plans to improve sales has been one of the best ways to keep open communication with our clients. Records to show transparency on listings and prices are also included in these updates to guide clients on what’s happening with their property. Our team also has members who are willing to discuss these details with you whenever you want.

Check-In / Check-Out

A seamless experience of checking in and out is what we’re aiming for with every guest that books your place. We’ve made it a point to know when guests will be arriving and what their plans are during their stay. This allows us to anticipate whatever needs your guests may have for us to be able to respond accordingly.

Guests are always assured of the highest quality of service not only in terms of accommodation but also in the efficiency of handling routine tasks such as check-in / check-out. Guests are satisfied when these tasks are swiftly dealt with since they’ll have to spend less time waiting and more time to enjoy their accommodation. Our team members are trained in these processes to make the experience more comfortable for guests.

Professional Cleaning

The key to improved guest experience is a professional housekeeping team that can maintain the cleanliness and well-being of your property. Top reviews are earned with the help of housekeeping staff since they build a good impression of your property to guests.

We make sure to train our entire team to be mindful of maintaining a high standard in terms of cleanliness and maintenance of your property. Every housekeeper knows to perform checks for damages and replace amenities for each room to ensure that guests have everything they need at all times. We also have an in-unit inspector who checks for anything we’ve possibly missed.

Maintenance Support

At some point, accidents and unforeseen events will happen. Appliances might malfunction and some amenities might become unavailable. We make sure that during these emergencies, our team is well-equipped and ready to respond to any issues. Repairs are conducted as soon as guests report any issues they’ve seen, and this helps ensure that guests are satisfied with your service despite these inconveniences.

It’s really about meeting the expectations that guests have when they book their accommodation. Guests will expect round-the-clock maintenance team to be ready even during the wee hours at night. All there is to do is to show that the staff are willing to act fast in resolving these issues to keep guests satisfied.

Guest Lockout Support

Everyone staying in an accommodation loves being able to have easy access to their rooms during their stay, whether it’s day or night. While uncommon, sometimes keys get misplaced or smart codes suddenly jam.

Sometimes guests loose keys, forget codes, or where they are.  We want to make sure we always accommodate guests by accessing their home away from home as easy as possible.  If a spare key is not accessible on the property we will make sure to deliver any keys to guests immediately.

Home Restock

Amenities are an important part of any short-term rental business. Guests often rent a place with an expectation that all the necessities such as essential household items, bedsheets, towels, and toiletries are available once they check-in. Meeting these expectations matters a lot in building a good impression and guest experience.

It is our task to ensure that your property is restocked with the necessary amenities before guests arrive. Our professional housekeeping team also inventories these amenities on a regular basis and ensures that rooms are resupplied with the needed amenities whenever necessary. We also try to store emergency medication as part of our stock of supplies to be able to respond to special conditions your guests may have.

Cleaning Coordination

The key to improved guest experience is a professional housekeeping team that can maintain the cleanliness and well-being of your property. Top reviews are earned with the help of housekeeping staff since they build a good impression of your property to guests.

We make sure to coordinate with cleaning professionals in your local area and orient them on the standard operating procedures they need to follow when cleaning your property such as accomplishing checklists and documenting each task. They’re also trained to be mindful of maintaining a high standard in terms of cleanliness and maintenance of your property. Every housekeeper knows to perform checks for damages and replace amenities for each room to ensure that guests have everything they need at all times

Cleaning Coordination

Payment Processing

Payment processing can be extremely taxing since hotel platforms don’t have the best system to accommodate online bookings and payment. Rental providers need to rely on verified payment schemes and anti-fraud mechanisms to ensure every guest accommodated is also a paying customer.

We’ve dedicated a team just for this purpose as they’re tasked to directly communicate with guests regarding payment issues and make sure that any issues on payment for your property are fixed as soon as possible. Our perfected payment collection process helps rental providers with an assurance of profit and reduced worries over payment schemes.

Payment Processing

ID Verification

We put prime consideration to the safety and security of your property, and that’s why we take ID verification seriously. We make sure that guests have first submitted a verified and government-issued ID before the could rent your property. We require all guests to submit their ID directly to us before they can receive any check-in instructions.even if they’ve booked through rental platforms.

Since our team is capable of speaking several languages, we’re able to directly engage international guests and explain to them the importance of the ID verification process which we strictly implement.

ID Verification

Online Marketing

Our professional and experienced online marketing team puts extensive work into Search engine optimization, Email campaigns, Advertising, or Social Media to channel your brand, products, or services to its maximum potential customers.

Enriched with high-quality analytics tools for websites or mobile apps, our team analyzes and takes calculative measures to reach your customers to grow your revenue from digital platforms.

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