About Us

ShareMyCasa is an international business professionally managing properties for homeowners to allow for more bookings, better ratings, and less work on your end. Established in Montréal in 2018, ShareMyCasa has become an international business with properties in both Canada, the United States and Colombia, and still growing world wide. Let us manage your property, either with the Property Management Full service, which provides both online management and the ground help for clientele, or utilizing our Virtual Property Management service, which handles booking, advertisement and other online tasks, leaving you to handle the in-person work. Managing bookings, advertisement and clients can be a tedious and demanding job, but ShareMyCasa is here to help alleviate the work and grow your bookings and ratings!

katherine by lassalle

Katherine Leblanc

Katherine LeBlanc, a proud Montrealer, navigated her academic journey through the vibrant streets of this cultural hub. Graduating with honors from the renowned Université de Montréal, Katherine cultivated her passion for business and real estate. Her deep-rooted connection to Montreal and its dynamic real estate landscape propelled her to embark on a journey with industry giants McGill Immobilier.

Born into a family that values both tradition and innovation, Katherine LeBlanc hails from a lineage of entrepreneurs. This rich heritage instilled in her the essence of customer service and the art of sales. A multi-faceted linguist, Katherine effortlessly communicates in French, English, and even dabbles in various other languages, making her an invaluable asset in the multicultural tapestry of Montreal.

Katherine is not just a professional; she is the embodiment of dynamism, passion, and organizational finesse. Her considerable experience in the real estate realm equips her with an unparalleled knowledge of the city’s prime properties. With a keen eye for interior design, detail and a genuine dedication to client satisfaction, Katherine LeBlanc is your trusted ally in transforming any property into a sought-after haven for global short-term renters.

Miguel Laliberté

Miguel Laliberté

Miguel Laliberte graduated with a bachelors of Accounting & Administration from internationally renowned John Molson School of Business, in his native home of Montréal. During his studies, Laliberte played soccer for the Concordia Stingers. Prior to establishing ShareMyCasa.com, Laliberte founded EMINENTDM.com in 2015, a leading digital marketing agency located in Montreal, Canada. His expertise in Digital Marketing has helped him harness skills within online sales, perception, digital psychology & online marketing. Working with Brands like Samcon, Ferrari, Maserati, Stedfast & many more, Laliberte knows how to ensure all rooms are booked online with his digital capabilities. Laliberte also has a background in sales which has helped him understand that customer service is the most important factor for any existing or potential client.